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    Using color to update your space

    There are so many ways you can update your home just with some new, fresh paint.

    If you’re not moving for a while, and you love redecorating, here are a few ways color can totally update your space!

    Courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

    Check out this article on choosing the right white from the Creativity Exchange. Didn’t know there were hundreds of shades of white? Us, either!

    This article advises you to check online at paint colors (especially white) so when the undertones are revealed, you’ll be prepared.

    Using one of these whites, you can make one area of your home lighter, brighter and much more open! Then, accent with some of your favorite color schemes.

    Here’s our suggestion: choose a color palette for your entire home.

    A color palette like this can really transform your home.

    Big spaces you can make smaller by darkening the walls (we love the Galveston Gray, above). This would be great for a bedroom or den.

    Small spaces you can make bigger by lightening the walls.

    Courtesy of Dwell Beautiful

    This article does a great job of showing how lightening a kitchen makes it look so much more open! Check out how they painted their cabinets with a dusk blue, to match the color scheme of the home.

    This ocean blue is great for a bathroom and makes the transition from room to room seamless.

    Check out the white ceilings – keeping the ceilings light creates a more open, bigger feel to a room!

    *Tip: for tall rooms, paint the ceiling a dark color. This will bring down the space and make it much cozier. Installing a low light fixture can help, too.

    Here are some dark blues we love:

    Don’t forget the outside! When looking at a home from the outside, it’s so important that you match the feel on the inside.

    Check out this article on how cool a blue front door can be for your home!

    For more color palettes we love, check out our Pinterest board.

    How do you decorate your space? Do you have a color theme for your home, or do you decorate each room separately?

    We’d love to know your thoughts!

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