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    It’s tax time

    It’s tax time!

    That means it’s time to file your 2017 taxes to get your refund or pay any amount you owe.

    This year, it’s expected 70 percent of people will receive a refund, according to an article from the IRS. That’s more than 155 million refunds!

    This year you have until April 17 to file your taxes. Here are some easy ways.

    • is a great way to get accurate information and answer any of your tax-related questions.
    • You can also go to to securely access information on your federal tax account. Review your payment history and access your tax records online.
    • Turbotax
    • Hire a professional if you’d rather not do it yourself!

    Tips from this article from Nationwide:

    Don’t wait until the end of the year to keep track of your tax information. As the year progresses, file your tax information into three folders:

    • Income (salary, dividends, interest, earnings, distributions, 1099s and W-2s)

    • Expenses (charitable donations, mortgage statements, medical bills, childcare costs, utility bills and non-reimbursable employment-related costs)

    • Investments (statements, purchases, sales, gains, losses, interest, dividends, cost bases, annual retirement plan contributions, 1099s and K-1 forms)

    Then you’ll be able to retrieve it easily, and preparing to file won’t be such a nightmare. And once you’re ready to file – electronically or on paper – always remember to sign your return.

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