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    Adding Value to Your Home Before Selling

    So, you’re selling your home. With a trusted realtor, the process goes relatively smoothly. But how can you help yourself out a little? Maybe make a little more money to put toward your next home?

    We’re here to help.

    Here are a few tips to add value to your home before you sell.

    1. Spruce up the kitchen.

    It’s important to upgrade “the heart of the home,” and most buyers see the kitchen as the centerpiece of everything in the house.

    Experts say you can recoup 60%-120% of an investment in a kitchen remodel. 


    • Fresh paint
    • Updated cabinets
    • Modern colors
    • Windows
    • New appliances

    2. Add a bathroom (or two). 

    Buyers tend to prefer homes with a matching number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

    How much of your investment will be recouped? 80%-130%, experts say. 

    Before you renovate, though:

    • Talk to your real estate agent about whether your home needs another bathroom
    • Take advantage of underutilized spaces in the home
    • If you can’t add an entire room, update the existing bathrooms in the home: re-grout tiles, add a modern sink, and redecorate with fresh paint, clean surfaces, and updated mirrors.

    3. Add curb appeal. 

    That first impression is arguably the most important factor in selling your home. Does your home appear warm and inviting? Is your yard clean? How eye-catching is your home compared to others in your neighborhood?


    • Update the front door with fresh paint and a modern doorknob
    • Hire a landscaper to plant a few shrubs, plants or flowers (depending on the season) under key windows and near the center of the home
    • Mow the lawn (Hey, this one is free!)
    • Make sure your mailbox matches the style of the home


    Do you have any advice for adding value to your home? If so, please share with us!

    For more tips on sprucing up your home, visit our Pinterest page here.

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