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    ADD Value! Steps for Decluttering…

    KonMari’s Decluttering Process Distilled: 3 Steps to a Clutter-Free Single Family Home

    1. Carve out an afternoon to start the process.

    Start with the room that needs the most TLC. Maybe your living room is stuffed with kids’ toys or your t-shirts or clothes spill out all over your bedroom floor. Grab several trash bags and locate everything in the house to (at least) its proper room.

    2. Recognize It’s going to look like a mess before it gets better.

    Take out everything from its proper place. Then, you’re literally going to hold everything and recognize if 1. It brings you positive energy 2. You legitimately need it. If there are items you already know you need to get rid of, by all means–put those in the donation pile first.

    3. Now, organize your decluttered space.

    The goal is to pare down everything you no longer feel joyful about, want, or need, so that everything you own fits into its own space. You should then artfully fold and hang everything (rainbow order looks best) as if your drawers and closet were the racks of that designer boutique.

    Don’t get discouraged if the process takes longer than you thought it would–it’s a big job. Set a deadline for yourself, and do your best to stick to it.

    By Alexa Collins – Homelight Site

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